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2015 28 Mai

ECM 2433

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I even like the track titles. Maybe David Torn found them according to an old formula: first thought, best thought. „i could almost see the room“. „a goddamn specific unbalance“. „at least there was nothing“. Or the title track: „only sky“.  I imagine when all had been played and done (mixed), David listened to it all (the final sequence) under very good headphones – and called it a night. Me oh my, an electric guitar. Tons of history. Cutting through styles, fragments, loops –  leaving it all behind, even the circles (in a silent way). Dream logic rules. Keep the threat imminent. Peace, brother, like a long look up into air. Be aware of silent explosions. Describable, but undescribable. If you don’t think „Kenny Burrell“-style, well, then, you’ll even find grooves, pulses. No great gestures. One „whenever i seem to be far away“-moment. A short passage of „Terje Rypdal Blue“. No congas required. No strings. Only once, an electric oud, it (simply) happens. Eivind Aarset will love it. How this all works, beyond cliche and pastiche, I have no idea. It’s much more than a textural thing. A hard rain’s a gonna fall.


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  1. Jens Müller:

    Premiere performance: „only sky“ – David Torn at TEDxCaltech

    … just look and listen …

  2. Andreas:

    i love torn’s „sky“ …

    can’t wait to hear the record you were once talking about; with aarset, bang, henriksen, hamasyan …

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Erscheint wohl erst Anfang 2016 :(

  4. Andreas:

    na vielleicht bringt thomas stronen’s „food“ im herbst nahrung für mein hungriges ohr :)

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