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2015 25 Apr

Damogen Furies

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Stor Eiglass – the first five beats could be something from The Disciples of Annihilation’s unforgettable New York City Speedcore. This accounts for around 7/8ths of a second at the start of the composition. It’s a great start. Start as you mean to go on. The rest of Stor Eiglass does things – good things – that defy critical vocabulary. There are spirals, a helter-skelter (minus the negative Beatles/Manson associations) ride, descending series of notes, the descent seen from different angles and different proximities. Spatio-temporal parallax. Stop as you mean to go off.
Baltang Ort – descending line, three or four notes, melancholic timbre, occluded midway, more descending notes. When is an occlusion not an occlusion? Who knows? Fuck knows. Something deep at the heart of this song is trying to fight its way out of itself. The last maybe half a second is echo, back where it began. Marcus Aurelius in space.
Rayc Fire 2 – „Observe the course of the stars as if you were running with them.“
Kontenjaz – for me this is all about the space, the rest of Damogen Furies does this too. How to describe? It’s not concert-hall reverb but neither is it like being plugged into the machine earwise. It’s not reverb, it’s close to reverb, but it’s not reverb. It’s like the moonbeams that shoot out of your fingers and your toes and the ends of your hair when music temporarily displaces your inner-ear/brain gestalt. The space between the listener and the maker is there but it’s a mediumistic thing, and/or a rope bridge.
Exjag Knives – futuristic, but not in a futuristic way. If you listen closely, there’s any amount of your own associations in here. Лайка in orbit. Sunday morning on the DLR at Shadwell. The cake aisle in Morrisons. The weird space in the walkways under motorway bridges where necessary collective mental static is necessarily displaced for reasons either psychogeographical or pseudoameliorative. An accumulation of concrete with no concrete. A spiritual accretion by default. Not Ballardian really. Better for being less projectional in a way. Just, like, … is.
Kwang Bass – cold
D Frozent Acc – I was hoping for a ballad track to end the record, ya know. Something to warm the heart. D Frozent Acc is warmly inventive but about as balladic as Novaya Zemlya or Auch Zwerge haben klein angefangen. And that’s all that counts.
A great listen, all told.

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  1. Lajla nizinski:

    Kraftwerk’s grandchildren put life into their comic heroes.

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