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2015 23 Apr

Don’t miss Manhattan, but don’t miss Guy Ware either!

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Guy Ware’s excellent new novel is about work, love, redundancy, crime, the afterlife AND the importance of well-polished shoes …

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Double-click on the photo, enjoy, and believe me!

    Ian, this is a book written for you (I bet), it would be a remedy after your last unhappy reading adventure:)

  2. Uwe Meilchen:

    Nicholas Lezard @ The Guardian is quite enthusiastic about Guy Ware’s book – for good reasons, I suppose :-D

    (…) this being a book set in 21st-century Britain, it is not only concerned with the fate of the soul and the nature of narrative, but also with guns, the ennui of daily life, minutely observed trivia and deep and dark matters; Quentin Tarantino is in the mix, as well as eschatology, the branch of theology concerned with the end of days. If you liked Tom McCarthy’s Remainder, you’ll love this. Guy Ware is also very good at black humour (“I’ve either got to actually hit someone or find some other way to calm myself down,” says the most violent and yobbish of the narrators, “because if I go on like this, I’m going to make myself ill”), and corny humour: on being told that the first stage of grief, in Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s formula, is denial, a character replies “No, it’s not,” which got a laugh from me at least. The result of all this is the best debut novel I have read in years.

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