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2015 5 Apr

Some Words

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Words, but nothing clear
What channel are you on?
It’s hard to hear.
You speak to the world
From such a feeble system;
So … far away.
The thought, not falling
Just drifting in the early morning.
You pass from the world
Out to the solar system
So … far away,
So … far away.

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  1. Ian M:

    Reminded me of this genius lyric:

    „Thoughts are so quiet, yet they come so free

    Words are the bars and the bolts that lock away the key

    Which were the poets that opened up for you all to see?

    Words are the stranglehold retaining you from me“

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Eyeless in Gaza, yes, a similar vibe of „meaning“. Ian, the lyrics are from Brian’s song with the same name, to be found on his long lost album MY SQUELCHY LIFE. It’s now fully available on the reissue of NERVE NET (Disc 2). And, with all my capacities to get things totally wrong: I think you would love both works.

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