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2015 23 Mrz


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There are well over 200 windows in this image – high windows, low windows. Low windows whose astragals were first placed in the first decade of the 20th century. Plus the moving windows of the train. The four tall buildings‘ stance is artistic, almost sculptural – four ginormous automata marching to the top of a low hill, stationary now, stopping to drink in photons for the compound eye. Solstice, perihelion, equinox, solstice, equinox, solstice, perihelion and on and on. If you can stand on this platform and still the mind and listen, really listen: the buildings and the low stone wall by the railwayside and the sky all speak in unison – right in your ear, right to your heart. What they say is unwordable and miraculous.

Image playlist:

John Cage – In A Landscape
Alan Hovhaness – Tzaikerk
John Foxx and Theo Travis – Before You Disappear
Kate Bush – Watching You Without Me
John Martyn – Singin‘ In The Rain

The title of this post and the word „unwordable“ were appropriated from Russell Hoban’s book „The Moment Under The Moment“. And what a book it is!

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Every window tells a story. What I found out about the book, sounds like the stories of windows 123 – 141:

    A collection of stories, a dream diary, essays and sketches. The subjects include knife-fights, a stone sphinx in Paris, a reinvention of Miranda and Caliban, All India Radio, Thelonius Monk, fairy tales and the author’s own childhood in America.

    All India Radio: a source of inspiration for ESCALATOR OVER THE HILL, Carla Bley, early Garbarek a.o. – and for this West Coast composer from the Bay Area who loves to sample excerpts of A.I.R. (On Denovali Records). Just don’t remember his name. It’s hidden behind the name of his on-going project …

  2. Uwe Meilchen:

    …reminds me of the „White City“ Album by Pete Townshend.

    From the liner notes of the album:

    „When I get up in the morning I look out onto the estate. What a view! Two dustbins and a Ford Cortina. Some people have flats right at the top of the highest buildings. Their view must be amazing. I sometimes imagine them all in their secure little cells. They stand naked like prisoners. I can see only their backs. They are all semi-silhouetted against their windows: a little boy watching the traffic stream past as it builds up under the sunrise; an old woman like my mother, her skin quite loose, watching the black kids down in the street as they head off for school; a pretty girl holding up her hair. I wonder what they all feel when they first get up. On another new morning, they are waiting for it to sink in that they still belong to the White City. Like me.“ (…)

  3. Jan Reetze:

    … and behind every single one a hell is brewing.


  4. Uwe Meilchen:

    Just in time for what would have been his 90th birthday there are several books published with text from Hanns Dieter Huesch, unfortunately only as E-Books –>

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