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2015 14 Feb


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Put on the headphones, take a red guitar or yellow keyboard and then the appetites will do the rest. It rises up from the cellular blueprint of your memories. What have you grown up with, what was the food for your soul? Switching through YouTube, having a look and a listen. An impressive amount of songs cumulated in the recent years in the personal jukebox, without a need for shelfing them, saved on the HD of the PC. Great joy it is: with a sense of surfing and a strong will of clearing up the mysteries of architecture in the chords, the melody-lines, the rhythm structures of music. The favorites are tagged as claims, you´ll treasure deconstructed stuff as trophies. Reclaiming a swamp while diving deeper. Sherlock in his home-studio tries to figure it out. Getting the codes, the hints, the traces. The thrill is: he won´t look at the readymade sheets or the lecture-clips that demonstrate. The autodidactic dilletante is covering and discovering it on his own, listening with the lust of conquering the unclear, unknown. Wether it´s Alanis Morisette (songs like „Hands Clean“, „Big Sur“, „You Learn“ and „Ironic“), Fleetwood Mac or Steely Dan … even Toto, The Allman Brothers or Brazilian Music do it. Apropos: Steely comes from stolen and there is so much worth a robbery crime in this World of Pop.

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  1. Henning Bolte:

    Schön beschrieben. Plunderphonics …

    Und was dann alles in uns/mit uns passiert, Realitäten sich aufbauen, zerbröckeln, wegsickern, aufquellen etc … (-:

  2. Ian M:

    Toto were great!

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