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2015 1 Feb

A „must hear“ for me, and with all restraint,

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all modesty possible for my little transitory ego, may I quietly write down that I’ve heared today (among a pile of three brilliant jazz albums) another album of absolute class that is, in my limited world, a peak of contemporary (pop) music full of  melodic surprises, laid-back thrills, hypnotic singing. Every corner in these surreal pieces is awesome and filled with weirdness and silence in equal measures. Today it has finally reached the status of one of the best English albums of the last 500 years, and, just think about it and smile, when they recorded in a London cellar room, they constantly dreamed of Californian sundowns. This work is fucking genius. Oh, I forgot the name, it’s „Good Arrows“ from Tunng. Oh, I’ve heared it quite often, years and years.

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1 Comment

  1. Martina Weber:

    What a coincidence. I heard it as well, but only the song „Soup“, I did not buy the album, but it´s on a mixtape I made from your „Klanghorizonte“. The tape is from 8-9/2007.
    Then follows
    – David Rosenberg, a song from: White Birds sing,
    – Dub Specialist: Musical Science, from: V.A.-Studio One Roots Vol. 3
    – Gravenhurst: Song Among The Pine, from: The Western Lands and this is what you said about it, as I wrote it sometimes on my tape-writing, too: „Unaufgeregte Melodien, stoische Ruhe in weiten Landschaften“. Maybe you remember.

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