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2015 10 Jan

Too Much Of One Thing

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Nothing in my life is numbered
In my life nothing is planned
You might think you see purpose
When what you’re seeing is a band
A thin line like from a spider
Upon which I dance
Nothing in these days is constant
Come home to chance
In the distance Is a bridge
And on the bridge a rail
I have known a hundred women
And part of me loves to fail
But then again I have broken
The expectations of a King
And through the mist and the armour
Too Much Of One Thing
Some rise in the morning
Their milk upon the sill
The last time I saw sunrise
It had a dream to kill
Breath low my scented lover
Bottles and vials, potions and pills
I could carve you from memory
Then carry you through these hills
Behind my back is a curtain
In my eyes there is love
Two sides to this story
The great divide makes it tough
There are those that despise me
Lead me round on a ring
But I’ve always been a target
Too Much Of One Thing
When I rise in the morning
It’s as if I’ve walked a hundred miles
What I once did so easy
Now comes in a hundred styles
Hundred styles in a magazine
The same summer to spring
What I need is persistence
Too Much Of One Thing

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Wen ich mal bei einer Karaoke der nichtbescheuerten Art teilnehmen sollte, das wäre mein Song!

  3. Ian M:

    I had Streets of Your Town on 45rpm vinyl. What a great song.

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