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2015 9 Jan

„The Ghost“ is well and alive – a short true story about selflessness

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„We found [Lewis] looking calm, cool and collected, sitting outside a little neighbourhood coffee shop drinking a large hot coffee,“ Light In The Attic said in a statement. They had apparently come looking for him in an unnamed Canadian city, following a tip from one of Lewis´s old friends. „He had no idea about the recent interest in his old records and didn´t seem to care in the slightest,“ they revealed. „We had a check for him but he wasn´t interested … [He] said, I wish you guys all the best. [But] I´m not looking back.“

I recently listened to „L’Amour“ during a long evening, with all those things that make a deep listening session: darkness, candles, and a heck of good wine from the Rhone valley. After Rodriguez, here’s another guy stepping out of the shadows with some beautiful work buried too long in the past, but Lewis dosn’t give a damn. He seems to be in peace with himself. I think his reaction is quite amazing: „L’amour“ certainly is a masterpiece of its kind (fragile, dark, romantic) – and now many people all over the world play this record, and he dosn’t care. Maybe he turned to Zen Buddhism. If anyone is reading this in Canada and can arrange a long interview for the „Deutschlandfunk“, I would immediately buy a ticket for a flight to Halifax. I know he doesn’t seem to be interested in interviews. But maybe he is interested in campfire stories and time traveling.

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