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2014 30 Nov


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I think it was in Hamburg, but I’m not completely sure. I walked along a street. In my hand I held a black umbrella. It had a switch. If I switched it on, the umbrella started rotating, and I could fly with it. The problem was: The rotation speed was a bit too slow, so I couldn’t really start. I remembered I once had done it over the Alster, and it worked fine there. You had to run for a lift-off, but once airborne, it was an easy flight. But not this time. I tried to start a couple of times, running along the street, but the umbrella just lifted me up only one meter or so. For some reason I also ran through a toy store or something like that and left some chaos there, and after that I tried it again running along the street. It didn’t work. It became obvious to me that the umbrella had to be recharged. I wanted to walk to the house where my parents lived (apparently they were still living) because I knew there was a recharging station in front of the building. A passer-by asked me what I was doing. I told him. He said something like: „Oh, I’ve never heard of anything like this.“ I answered: „Oh, these things are not really new anymore.“ I don’t know whether I reached my parent’s house because I woke up and couldn’t stop laughing.

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2 Kommentare

  1. Henning:

    Der Fliegetraum wandert von einer Person zur anderen. Diesmal mit Schirm. Aber vielleicht war der auch schon da. Gut möglich. Wenn er einmal da war, kann man ihn auch einladen!

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I just love to see this black umbrelly flying through air – under King Creosote’s journey through old timey Scotland.

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