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2014 15 Okt

Michael’s Psychedelic Breakfast

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Fork Deli Patisserie is my new favourite London cafe, on Marchmont Rd. (near tube station: Russell Square). The toasted banana bread surely is more delicious than Alan’s scrambled eggs on that old Pink Floyd song. The women working here take care for good atmospheric values, the music in the background doesn’t attack your senses and seems to come from some unknown 80’s bands who were definitely anti-Duran Duran, in melodic mood & occupied with their daily losses and discoveries. Oh, and what do I read in the Mojo magazine: „The results gull the senses, the conjured drones from these 19th-century wood-and-metal beasts resembling everything from crashing waves and crackling gorse fires, to plangent choirs and moorland winds“. Andrew Male speaks of the huge 19th century pipe organs that reside in many cornish churches. Robert Curgenven’s beautifully recorded SIRENE (on vinyl, of couse!) will be played in my show and transport you to some distant coastal paths. Change of scene: the wonderful smell of banana bread in Fork Deli Patisserie is returning. Time stands still.


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  1. Bob:

    That toasted banana bread looks great – I know where I’m going!

  2. Uwe Meilchen:

    Gerne nehme ich die kommende „Radionacht Klanghorizonte“ auf, Michael – Zusendung per Post (Du sagt mir wohin?) inbegriffen !

    Morgen ist mein letzter Arbeitstag vor dem vierzehntaegigen Urlaub; das Zuhoeren wird dann meinen Urlaub einlaeuten …

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