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2014 31 Aug

Hello, people from Kristiansand!

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„You feel the draught in every door / So rip the hinges off the wall / And let the wind run down the hall / It doesn’t hurt to change it all“ (Dan Michaelson) 

I hope you will join my „Electronic Griot“-lecture on Sept. 5th at Hotel Norge. I know some of you are reading this cause this blog does appear as link of my seminar announcement on Just want to keep you informed that this is a composed lecture with some improvisational elements, a mix of words and sounds. Don’t take any drugs before the seminar except your morning cafe or hot chocolate (I highly appreciate green tea!), cause the music will (for the most part) do the „trance factor“ and this thing with the altered consciousness.

You will receive, on paper and/or on this blog the tracklist of the show, even a list of records and films I do only marginally mention. You will even get a list of tracks that didn’t make it on the final selection though they would really contribute to the themes of „making creative radio“ and „structural minimalism“. Ah, this term sounds a bit academic, but don’t worry. I’m a storyteller, and there is no good story without dark undercurrents.

P.S. During the evening after the lecture you will also find HERE a lot of links to many PUNKT-related topics. A special service from our master of the web, Joey, yes, the guy from the Steely-Dan-song! Without mentioning it at any other time except now, I dedicate my show to my friend Brian Eno, who coined the term „Electronic Griot“ for some of my late night activities at the Deutschlandfunk. And I’m really grateful to Harald Rehmann, the head of the jazz (and „adventure music“) department in Cologne who has over many years been fighting for places for independant, genre-crossing music: we storytellers are not yet a dying breed!



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