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2014 17 Aug

Other lectures at the Punktfestival (4)

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Mike Harding (Touch) describes how changes over the past generation have affected the working relationship with artists and the impact this has had on their work. From analogue to digital (and back again?), there have been substantial changes in the way audio is perceived, marketed and consumed and this has had a pronounced and perhaps fundamental effect on the way artists work now.


Jana Winderen responds, describing her approach to her work, why she works like she does and how Touch has influenced her choices. Jana will describe how her investigations unfold and how the compositional process begins before anything may even be recorded. Also how format decisions are made for a new project, for public distribution of the work, whether commercial or not.


Both presenters will illustrate their talks with audio examples of these processes and respond to questions from the audience, some of whom may have been through this process themselves.

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