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2014 17 Aug

Manafonistas working at the Punktfestival (5)

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Henning Bolte is a music journalist and writer based in Amsterdam contributing to printmedia, online magazines and radio in The United States, The Netherlands and Germany. He curated the Amsterdam series Amsonanza and co-programmed / presented the pianolab.Amsterdam-series at Goethe Institut, worked as a jury member (a.o. Dutch VPRO Boy Edgar Award, Danish Annual Music Awards) and acts as advisor to the Arts Council of the Netherlands as well as to the Dutch Fund For The Performing Arts. He holds a Ph.D. in linguistics and had been long-standing affiliated to the University of Utrecht.


Seducing the seducer – a conversational navaid to Bangsonics


A conversation a time ago planted the seed to re-enter that realm and that mode to share (some of its) resonances and transpositions with people interested in the work of Jan Bang.

Our conversation will plumb the depths of electronic sound qualities and its shaping in improvisational action, touch upon issues as how to dig into (and trust on) the potentials of one’s intuitions, how to stay in concordance with one’s sense of form and to be aware it is a game played with the other(s) who have to be invited and drawn in. Related the tension of letting music happen and steering it determinedly will pass in review. The nature of melody, the quality of ether and the indeterminacy of form might be a punkt as well as the differences between the process of creation and the semiotics of interpretation.

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