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2014 1 Aug

„A dark whiskey is just dark“

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  1. lajla:

    I can smell it from down here :)

  2. Ian M:

    The spelling „whiskey“ usually refers to Irish whiskey as well as bourbon.

    The Scottish stuff – i.e. Scotch – is spelled „whisky“. Pedantic note, apologies. But when in Scotland you drop the ‚e‘.

    My Scotch whisky top recommendations:

    Old Pulteney – tastes psychedelic, and sea-like. From a distillery so far north it is on a higher latitude than Gothenburg.

    Auchentoshan – the lowland malts are often underrated. This one glows like the sandstone of the pychogeographer’s church, and is from a distillery around 6 miles away.

    Miltonduff – a lesser-known malt, northern again. Tastes like low-in-the-sky late morning November sunlight with a hint of orange and Nelkenpfeffer.

    Laphroaig – probably the best Scotch whisky ever made. A taste you could not invent. Tastes like peat, smoke, smoked fish, Zwack Unicum, late October storm skies. From the Inner Hebrides, so far west and south that you’re almost within swimming distance of Ireland. Laphroaig is my #1 whisky of all time, no question.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Okay, and where do I get a bottle of Laphroaig, and the other stuff? The last one on your list seems very, very expensive. I’m normally not that keen on Whisky, but I would like to taste one of your recommendations, nose and taste:)

  4. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Auchentoshan would be fine, too. A few miles from your home, but difficult to send to Germany:)

  5. Ian M:

    Laphroig and Auchentoshan are both around £40 a bottle, although older ones can cost a lot more.

    Good information here:

  6. Michael Engelbrecht:

    So, you thnk this may be a good choice!?:

    AUCHENTOSHAN 12 Year Old

    Replacing the now extinct 10 year old is this sumptiously packaged 12 year old version of the triple-distilled Lowland. Happily they’ve improved on the 10, being richer, spicier and with more sherry influence.

  7. Ian M:

    Aye, sounds good.

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