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2014 11 Jul

something sometimes really

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Sometimes something really happens

and emerges

finds energy and form
… the great Tyshawn Sorey with the great Nils Davidsen and Jakob Anderskov
and …
it was recorded happily!
here, in this building
© FoBo_HenningBolte

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    A Copenhagen Jazzhouse Memory:

    OTOMO YOSHIHIDE & PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE – Self/Titled (JVTLandt 011; Denmark) Featuring Otomo Yoshihide on guitar and Paal Nilssen-Love on drums. This set was recorded live at the Copenhagen Jazzhouse on May 4 of 2013.

    I played this disc loud in the store the other day (7/7/14) and was knocked out by the duo. Way intense! Mr. Yoshihide is one of the most gifted and diverse musicians and bandleaders to emerge from Japan in the last 1/4 century.

    Besides being a great electric guitarist (check out early Ground Zero), he also is a formidable turntablist and electronic wizard. He is a restless explorer who combines multiple genres, styles or ideas at his own whim. After a series of amazing (in-between-categories) discs for the Tzadik label, he contributed to a number of groundbreaking improv sessions for the controversial Erstwhile label.

    His New Jazz Quintet and Orchestra projects remain a favorite to many of his devoted fans. For this session, Otomo teams up with powerhouse drummer for The Thing and Atomic, Paal Nilssen-Love, another diverse and ultra-creative drummer who works with dozens of like-minded players from around the globe (Peter Brotzmann, Akira Sakata, Arto Lindsay & Scorch Trio).

    This disc is fabulous, brutal in part, consistently focused and engaging! This set is not just over-the-top but a more balanced excursion. There is a section in the first third which is somber, eerie and filled with suspense.

    Quiet feedback and bowed or rubbed strings. Mr. Nilssen-Love is the perfect duo partner and has recorded more than a dozen duo discs throughout the years. At nearly 34 minutes, one might think that this disc was not long enough, but this is not the case. I was at the edge of my seat for the entire length of this totally cosmic duo session!

    – Bruce Lee Gallanter

  2. Henning:

    Concert of Anderskov, Davidsen, Sorey did not happen at a jazz venue in Copenhagen. Picture of the venue I have on a different digital device. It is a digital mess here at the moment. All kinds of failures, interferences. Big chaos. You can choose: more stress or de-digitalize for a while.

    The term ‚ultra-creative‘ is completely new to me! Is that a super-superlative or an ultra-superlative expression?

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Well, is there no wide spectrum of creativity? From low to hyper creativity? And ultra my even be a bit more than hyper. But, of course, the non plus ultra of extreme creativity is hyper ultra creativity. The Americans have even an abbreviation for that: sshuk (speak: „schuk“) meaning supersuperhyperultracreativity.

  4. Henning Bolte:

    Ist das Solo-Album von Nils Davidsen bei Dir im Ohr oder in der Schublade/im Schrank steckengeblieben, Michael? Warne ganze Zeit gespannt!

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