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2014 10 Jul

A secret gem of Zappa‘s catalogue

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Die 2012 Edition von Zappa Family Trust ohne die in früheren Fassungen nacjträglich, warum auch immer, zugemischten Vokalparts.

    Furios: dass ich noch mal zu Zappa komme, hätte ich nicht vermutet.

    „The album closes with “The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution,” an epic track edited down from a 30-minute jam, strongly featuring Zappa’s extravagantly-tuned Fender 12-string with low-string/high-string stereo outputs, panned left and right. It’s a novel effect seldom – if ever – heard before or since. The song, once intended to be Zoot Allures’ title track, also features one of Zappa’s most fluid electric guitar solos and marked O’Hearn’s successful audition for the band. Not a bad day’s work for the bassist, and a powerful finale to one of the most fascinating albums in Zappa’s prestigious catalogue.“

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