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2014 9 Jul

„The Cafe of the Manafonistas“

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In San Francsco. Where else? One of the first places in the city — if not the nation — to serve a proper espresso, this awesomely old-school corner cafe in North Beach is one of the proud and beloved landmarks of its formerly heavily Italian neighborhood. The Cafe of the Manafonistas is where you stop in on a sunny afternoon, with Ray Davies in your ear, after lounging in Washington Square for a double shot of espresso and maybe a glass of vermouth on the rocks. But the stars of the show here, honestly, are the heavenly paninis, made with focaccia from the famed Liguria Bakery across the square (this is one of the only restaurants in town that can boast serving that bread). Order the meatball one. You will not be mad at it. — „The Cafe of the Manafonistas“ is also known as „Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe“. 566 Columbus Avenue at Union.

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