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2014 8 Jul

Gareth Dickson: Collected Recordings (12k)

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The ingredients for these collected works are simple. Take an acoustic guitar, add reverb and delay, put them in the hands of a Glaswegian who toured with Vashti Bunyan, Juana Molina, and start collecting. Mr. Gareth manages to split the difference between Brian Eno and Robbie Basho, between the studio drone manipulator and the ramshackle folk guitarist. All the pastoral plains of hum are balanced out by the precise plucking of poignant melodies, making it subtle ambient folk music.  Like Nick Drake’s Pink Moon at half-speed. Nevertheless, something remains strange, you can’t coin it, name it, and that’s what attracts most of the attention. (remix review)

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1 Comment

  1. Ian M:

    „Like Nick Drake’s Pink Moon at half-speed.“

    Now that is my kind of sentence.

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