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2014 6 Jul

Touch Darkness And Darkness Touches You Back

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In some moments,  John Hiatt’s forthcoming album approaches the Dylanesque territory of „Times Out of Mind“, and for all the good reasons. The difference between an atmosphere and playing homage.  It’s like quoting the dry sound of an old Blue Note recording from the 50’s instead of playing a wellknown melody. Another field of dark „Americana“ is the soundtrack T Bone Burnett composed for „True Detective“. He deliberately chose not to to play authentic old Louisiana music styles to fit the location, but to develop a music that reveals the state of minds of the protangonists and the evil lurking in the most peaceful rural landscapes. The final five, ten minutes of the whole series  belong to the most moving ways of telling the end of a story on TV i’ve ever seen, and a great deal of it is connected to the song T Bone Burnett wrote, „The Angry River“ – capturing the moods of „Southern Gothic“ in this way is unsurpassable – and it’s a ballad, pure essence, the screaming is over!

True Detective – The Angry River

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