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This cleverly conceived turntable does what few others can. At least that’s what I’m reading. It draws you into the music and holds you in its grip. So whether the tunes are upbeat and lively, or dark and mysterious, you feel like it’s there in the room and that you’re missing out if you don’t pay attention. To use a golf ball is quite strange, and the first impression is you are hooked by a mad scientist from „The Avengers“-era with Emma Peel and John Steed. But the magic works, at least that’s what I can read everywhere after my standard record player, normally a work of decent brilliance, is constantly attacked  with disturbingly loud  „brumm drones“ in the midrange frequencies. Now just have a look  at the photos of the „Simplex“ and „Amadeo“ models – well, I would never buy an „amadeo“ cause Mozart bores me to death. Though he is, of course, fucking genius. Honesty is more important than devotionally accepting cultural codes and canons. Mozart leaves me stone cold. It doesn’t effect any deep zone. So the name „Simplex“ might suit me well, and some egg-headed classic purists might make their jokes about it. Feel free, buddies! The Flaming Lips give me more chills, simple as that. The next drama: my Trinov gave up its spirit, and this brilliant tool for extinguishing bad resonances and rooms odes just stopped doing anything. So I’m having a lot of bad luck with my stereo system, the headphone amplifier, the headphones are doing nothing, cause they depend on Trinov’s performing qualities. Fuck. I’m now returnig to my ghetto blaster, and have to remeber that humour belongs to my personal profile. A bit of stoicism is now welcome, too. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Now i wanted to buy a simplex today, but it has, too, these loud „brumm tones“, and the dealer wasn’t even able to get the „Tonabnehmer“, the „Nadel“ I wanted to have. A classic, nothing that is constructed in a laboratory in the Antarctis.  Just a decent model. Dilletantism and non-professional behaviour nearly all over the place. The best thing:  another dealer should make  offers for echo-absorbing materials at the ceiling. Wanted to have a horror sum for his montage work. Now, when so much shit happens, you have to make bold decisions: sell everything and just stay with your Audeze LZ-3 headphone, and the Bakoon headphone amplifier. Say goodbye to beautiful bass waves massaging your body, and start meditating again. Skip your coffee habits, and go back to old tea ceremonies. Read Steinbeck’s „My Travels With Charly“, and travel with your dog to the baltic seas. Write another fifteen poems, and steal the days from non-existing gods!



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  1. Ian M:

    „Honesty is more important than devotionally accepting cultural codes and canons…“

    Very true. My Nadel has trawled Wolfgang M grooves since I was a kid though. K550 and K626 mainly. Both are in a minor key, I don’t know if this has any significance.

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