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2014 28 Jun

Wasting my essence on the desert air

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„This is about lifestyle: I wish I had a lifestyle, things keep getting in the way, every object obscures another. The positivity of absence, music & sound scattered like islands. Painting with colour, wasting my essence on the desert air, swearing so beautifully. I can’t tell where the music ends & the world begins, if I could make music like that it would be another story, a science fiction story.“  This is today’s  impressive entry in Karl Hyde’s blog, thoughts and senses in dreamy balance. By the way, recently he discovered some Norwegians, f.e. Hakon Stene’s excellent reinventing of  the 70’s English school of post-minimalism. Obviously we have some great readers here.

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1 Comment

  1. Ian M:

    I was listening to Edgeland earlier today while walking around Glasgow. I love that record. I had to play the track Shadow Boy three times, because this line in the song floored me:

    „I’ve got barbecues like footballs perched on green glass balconies/ Where dereliction used to fester…“

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