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1) Ensemble Economique: Interval Signals (Ausschnitt), aus: INTERVAL SIGNALS„We learn that she who screams the loudestMakes he who fears most run / And who is ruled by fear, Is oft ignored by fun / Still there is a way to be, If we die many times, Then let death come to me… / This is the last song of its kind. Now you can be, Now you can be“ (Will Oldham) 2) Bonny Prince Billy: Royal Quiet Deluxe, aus: BONNIE ´PRINCE` BILLY 3) Cedric Brooks & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari: Rockfort Rock, aus: ONE TRUTH 4) Eno/Hyde: When I Built This World, aus: SOMEDAY WORLD 5) Jon Hassell: Choir Moire, aus: DREAM THEORY IN MALAY 6) Eno/Hyde: Witness, aus: SOMEDAY WORLD 7) Jean-Marc Voltz / Stephan Oliva: Reminiscence, aus: Visions Fugitives 8) Eno/Hyde: To Us All, aus: SOMEDAY WORLD 9) rmillis: awaj arepo, aus: RELIEF  („This World Is Unreal Like A Snake In A Rope. A film (DVD, 1000 copies only) by Robert Millis, Folk cinema from the eternal never-ending collage that is India. A journey through the ancient Southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu featuring Hindu trance ceremonies, street music, festivals, nagaswaram improvisations, impossibly loud cities, ancient temples, processions, devotions, decay, fireworks, abstractions and more. India is impossible to know: it is impossibly old and impossibly new, impossibly rich and impossibly poor, quiet and chaotic. Offered here is one perspective, raw, captured live and in the moment, with an emphasis on India’s complex and mesmerizing sounds.“) 10) Ketil Björnstad: Intet er lite, aus: SUNRISE – A CANTATA ON TEXTS BY EDVARD MUNCH 11) Laraaji: Essence, aus: ESSENCE / UNIVERSE 12) (possibly a surprise, a kind of hard-hitting, soft „bang“, or just drifting into nowhere with Laraaji, depends on time)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    pay attention: changes in the playlist!

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