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2014 2 Apr

„He’s off to a distant galaxy“ (part 2)

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No, this man is not off to another galaxy, maybe he’s off to a „someday world“. In fact, when I entered his studio, he was just working on an idea in his head (a special sound maybe, a rhythmic, a melodic shape?).  I was quiet for a moment so that he could make a mental note. – You look a bit Moroccan, I then said to him. I’ve never seen Brian Eno with a white beard. He really was in the Moroccan hills a short time ago, as I knew from one of his latest e-mails. What I didn’t know was that he bought a hat in that country that was once a „hippie dream world“ deep in the last century, that turned to hell for too many young people. You can see this hat in the photo. The coloured version will be posted here (amongst some other surprises) on May 1. I have known Brian since 1989, and when I’m in London, there are casual meetings once in a while. So, nothing was planned, no promotion activity set up by Warp Records. But, well, when chance meets opportunity, why not have a little conversation about a record that (I promise!) will blow some people’s minds. When I left the studio, with some nice little things in my bag, I saw him returning to his place and setting a pulsating electronic rhythm in motion. Always fun to hear a glimpse of a possible future. Hope he could nearly seamlessly return to the idea he had in his mind meaning the completely different place he had been some minutes before!

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