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2014 1 Apr

The playlist of April 12th („Klanghorizonte“, „Radionacht“)

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1) Emler / Tchamitchian / Echampard:  Second Chance, aus: SAD AND BEAUTIFUL, Cd 04, 3’43“ 

2) Timber Timbre: a track from the album  HOT DREAMS

3) BJ Nilsen: Londinum, aus: EYE OF THE MICROPHONE, CD 01, 10’44“

4) Tara Jane O’Neil: Elemental Finding / All Now Vibe / The Signal, Wind, aus: WHERE SHINE NEW LIGHTS, Cd 07, 08, 09, 3’53“, 2’07“, 2’20“ 

5) Janek Schaefer: Radio 101 FM / Radio 102 FM / Radio 103 FM / Radio 104 FM, aus: LAY-BY LULLABY, Cd 01, 02, 03, 04, 5’25“, 3’47“, 5’26“, 6’59“ 

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Jon Dennis:

    Timber Timbre are Canadian, though their music evokes Ansel Adams‘ American landscapes. Saxophones are smokin‘ and guitars twang, making Hot Dreams sound like the soundtrack to a western directed by David Lynch. Singer Taylor Kirk’s voice is distorted, as if recorded on an ancient microphone, with full-on, Elvis-style slapback.

    Songs take surprising shifts and turns: on the ballad Run from Me a Running Scared, bolero suddenly kicks in, making Kirk sound even more like Roy Orbison, then the song takes another twist, with analogue synths chiming a cartoonish pathos, rather than the swooning crescendo you might expect.

    The New Tomorrow teeters on the edge of discordance, while the lilting sax riff on Hot Dreams‘ title track gets thrown out of shape as Timber Timbre warp the time signature; and the melody of Grand Canyon echoes – of all things! – Boney M’s Rivers of Babylon.

  2. Uwe Meilchen:

    „Beat The Drum Slowly“ (Official Video)

    Animated by Chad VanGaalen

    On Hot Dreams, Timber Timbre’s third full length for Arts & Crafts, Taylor Kirk and Simon Trottier daub vibrant colour across the band’s ever-evolving palette, connecting arid western to plodding horror with the pomp of Hollywood phantasm. „Beat The Drum Slowly“, the prelude to Hot Dreams, ambles out of the greyscale shadows of Timber Timbre’s 2011 album Creep On Creepin‘ On (2011) with an unsettling tint. The funeral march lopes sedately over mounds of „celluloid ashes“ before becoming subsumed by a militaristic vamp amidst the futile scream of upset spirits. All of this is intimately imagined by Chad VanGaalen’s animation, suggesting his complicity in the „weird crimes often and softly“ committed therein.

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    That’s cool. But i now have to look for another song for the show, Uwe. Won’t play this one with the video:) – that’s the crux with playlists that are published before a show. If the people you know know them, and they are busy in the web, well, that’s killing the surprise element. My mistake, by the way. The first two tracks are now just ideas. They will probably be skipped. Never mind! And a great video!!!!!

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