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2014 30 Mrz

Thomas Yuschak’s excellent book on lucid dreaming

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If you’re just starting out on the subject of lucid dreaming, I would suggest you are better off reading something by Dr. Stephen LaBerge, such as Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. This helps introduce readers to the topic, advising on some of the things that can be done with lucid dreaming, and gives readers techniques you can use to get started.

However, once you’re familiar with the topic and the various methods, and you have experienced a few lucid dreams yourself, you start to realise that lucid dreams can come along very infrequently, and when they do come along, you’re either not lucid „enough“ or they’re all too brief, and so you can’t really get the most out of them. You then start to look for a reliable method to really boost your chances, and dramatically increasing the length, lucidity, vividity, and frequency of your lucid dreaming experiences. THIS is where Thomas Yuschak’s excellent book comes in!

People have been experimenting with various vitamins, supplements and food sources for years, trying to find what works to boost the lucid dream state. But now, thanks to this book and much research, we finally know what REALLY works. And the discoveries presented in this book are TRULY GROUNDBREAKING in nature. The supplements presented have not been tried, or tried in this way, before now. Following years of effort by scientists and researchers, we now understand the neurotransmitters responsible for enhanced lucid dreaming states, and how to modify them by using various supplements at certain times, in certain ways, and in certain quantities.

All of the results of the research is presented in great detail, in a very easy-to-understand manner, in this book. And peoples experiences, when following these ‚recipes‘, have been almost universally, radically positive: people have reported longer, more vivid and highly lucid dream through taking them in the ways suggested.

But because fiddling with neurotransmitters is not something for amateurs, you need to get this book and make sure you understand what you are doing before stocking up and taking these supplements.

Advanced Lucid Dreaming gathers together all the many years of research on neurotransmitters and dreaming, teaches you what you need to understand, and tells you what you need to take and when, to get the ultimate lucid dream experiences.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to all those with an intermediate level of knowledge about lucid dreaming who are ready to get serious about taking this ‚hobby‘ to the Next Level.

(Für deutschsprachige Leser als Einführung unbedingt zu empfehlen das Buch KLARTRAUM, von Jens Thiemann, das letztjährig bei rororo Taschenbuch rauskam. Yuschak kommt dann! :)) – m.e.

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