on life, music etc beyond mainstream

I am electric
With a bottle in me
Got a bottle in me
And glory be these fuckers are ignoring me
I’m from another century
I am a preacher
When I’ve got it on me
And I’ve got it on me
And glory be these fuckers are ignoring me
We never learn from history

I am the beau who loved her so in every song
And I designed that little mystery on your tongue
I’ve broken jaws protecting laws to keep you free
I made your day so take a seat by me

I am an old tree
Gonna talk my jaw free
Someone come and get me
Another night beside myself would finish me
Give us G & T and sympathy
I am the diehard with an empty dance card propping up a young bar
I’m pouring oil in double time upon the troubled rising tide inside of me
Upon my history

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