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2014 1 Mrz

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This week sees the release of the first LP reissue on Dug Out, Dadawah‘s brooding, strung-out masterpiece of nyabinghi (Rastafarian spiritual music), Peace And Love. Originally released in 1974 on Wild Flower, it was repressed in ’75 by Trojan with different artwork. Ainley and Ernestus have had the tracks remastered at Abbey Road for the Dug Out edition, the vinyl housed in “old-school, hand-assembled sleeves” with original cover art restored. The album is available on CD and digital as well as vinyl.

We’ll let Honest Jon’s explain the unique appeal of the record:

“Led by Ras Michael over four extended excursions, the music is organic, sublime and expansive, grounation-drums and bass heavy (with no rhythm guitar, rather Willie Lindo brilliantly improvising a kind of dazed, harmolodic blues). Lloyd Charmers and Federal engineer George Raymond stayed up all night after the session, to mix the recording, opening out the enraptured mood into echoing space, adding sparse, startling effects to the keyboards. At no cost to its deep spirituality, this is the closest reggae comes to psychedelia.”

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Ich habe mein Vinyl-Exemplar gestern bei A-Musik in Köln erstanden. Five stars, no question.

    Georg Odijk
    Kleiner Griechenmarkt 28-30
    50676 Köln
    phone : +49+221-5107591 (mailorder)
    phone : +49+221-16930600 (shop)
    fax: +49+221-5107592

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    The group use Rastafarian nyahbinghi musical techniques (the traditional hand drumming of the African Kumina religion, and hymnal vocal chanting) as a physical and meditational practice to heighten consciousness; and fuse these organic foundation sounds with an abstract and otherworldly ‚divine spark‘; utilizing electric instruments and almost-psychedelic production effects.
    The atmospheric soundscapes edge toward the cosmic jazz frontiers of Sun Ra’s Arkestra and the mystic funk-fusion of the Santana band circa the „Caravanserai“ album; whilst the post-production effects saturate every note and musical phrase in sublime and ethereal echo, sustain and delay – intensifying the sonic ambience to dramatic grandiosity.

    (R. Kelly)

  3. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Wir hypen hier nichts. Wir Manafonisten. Und deshalb kann ich nur schlicht und ergreifend mitteilen, dass diese ganz fein remasterte Platte für mich zu den umwerfendsten Musikproduktionen Jamaikas zählt. Ich kannte bislang nur ein Stück davon aus einer Compilation.

    Diese drumherum gestrickte Rastafari-Mythologie halte ich ja für ein ausgeklügeltes System, guten Sex, Marihuana, politische Wachsamkeit und verrückt spielende Götter unter einem grossen Strohhut zu vereinen.

  4. D.Sylv.:

    Das foto finde ich übrigens auch interessant,nicht nur das foto im foto mein ich.

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