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2014 28 Feb

Michaels Sendung

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Das ist die graphische Darstellung der Klanghorizonte der kommenden Radionacht des Deutschlandfunks. Das System heisst „Startrack“. Oben sind die Moderationen angeordnet, der erste Song (braun gefärbt, zweite Reihe links) ist „Truck Driver“ von Sun Kil Moon. Um 4.05 Uhr geht es los, hier, zur Einstimmung, der Text des ersten Liedes, es gibt überhaupt nur zwei Songs in der gesamten Stunde. Einen am Anfang, einen am Ende. Der Tontechniker, mit dem ich die Sendung  bearbeitete, war exzellent. Hier stimmt jede Pause, jede Abstimmung von Sound und Wort.


„My uncle died in a fire on his birthday. Redneck that he was, burning trash in the yard one day. On the pile he threw an aerosol can of spray. And that’s how he died in the fire that day.

Before he retired he was a truck driver. He’d be gone through the winters and all through the summers. In the winters us kids would order Dominoes and watch Happy Days. And in the summer we get frogs at the pond and fry up their legs.

My aunt still lives there out in Ohio. I visit her and the autumn air, she makes me smile. We remember the story of when I was young. Getting stung by a hornet, she caressed my foot, rubbed baking powder on it. I was probably five at their home in Nevarre.

My cousin’s friend was in the yard playing guitar. We all gathered round, listened to her play and sing. And I fell into a trance and knew that one day I’d do the same thing.

My uncle died in a fire on his birthday. Out by the barn and his old collection of cars. Third degree burns, a charred up shovel near his hand. My uncle died a respected man.

I flew out there, I went to his funeral. It was stormy that day, the sky was deep purple. And babies were crying, Kentucky Fried Chicken was served. And that’s how he would have wanted it I’m sure.

And after the funeral out there in Nevarre, they all gathered round when I picked up a guitar. They fell into a trance as I sang and I played. And outside the frogs croaked and the mantises prayed.“

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    „One of the most striking examples of The Notwist’s technical and musical proficiency is in their ability to deconstruct contemporary song structures into ones that are recognizable yet boundary-pushing.“ (Dylan Kilby, OMH)

  2. Martina:

    Sieht sehr beeindruckend aus. Leider ist meine Aufnahme aus absolut rätselhaften Gründen komplett misslungen. Da ist nichts zu identifizieren. Glücklicherweise gibt es den radiohoerer.

  3. radiohoerer:

    Hallo zusammen !

    Irgend etwas ist komisch mit dieser Sendung. Meine Aufnahme klappte auch nicht, und Rainer konnte aushelfen! Und jetzt sind die Seiten nicht erreichbar …. Mysteriös!

    Hier der Link zu Michaels Sendung …

    Viel Spass beim Anhören!

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