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2014 28 Jan

Joe and Michael have fun with Bill (the story of the world’s first „review remix“)

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I was too lazy to write a whole review of Callahan’s dub album by myself. So I was looking for a rather sceptical, but intelligent review which I then tried to reframe into a very positive one, taking the best bits of Joe Sweeney‘ writing, skipping the negative thngs, adding my thoughts, make it organic, like a living thing. Though it has already been posted, this remix will be our cd review of next month, and of course, the original text will be added. Joe discovered my text, and here is our email-talk.

Joe: Nicely done

Michael: Thanks! And you have good humour, obviously, and want no money.

Joe: I think the „review remix“ is a clever idea. Plus your points about the Callahan album were well said!

Michael: … then let’s start this new sub-genre. In a world of remix-culture the „review remix“ is not so far-fetched. And, by the way, where can I find your reviews apart from the site I found this one? Just curious cause I liked your writing style …

Joe: Thanks! That was my first review for Slant, I’d been blogging up till then here:

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