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2014 26 Jan

Today’s Sunday Morning Record

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I couldn’t wait for it when it had been announced, one, two years ago. Someone who had seemed to be vanished for eternities suddenly knocked on my door again. I loved his early 80’s albums, two of them, I loved the one everybody loved, I loved the one only a few people loved. Now he was back again. When I put the music finally on my car cd-player, I liked it immediately, but there were reservations, too. My enthusiasm was, is that the word, restrained. But today, on a cold Sunday morning in my car (s. photography with hidden notation!), I listened again. A bubble above my head: wow! One Day I’m Going To Soar: that’s the name of the album. It took time to realize its class. Kevin Rowland. Dexys. Dexys Midnight Runners. Too Rye Ay. Don’t Stand Me Down. 



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1 Comment

  1. Karma Chameleon:

    Reflexion durch Soul. Yeah! Kevin Rowland ist wirklich ein ganz Großer!

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