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2014 25 Jan

„African Piano“

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„An (almost) solo live gig recorded in a Scandinavian jazz club accompanied by much loud eating, drinking and conversation. It’s hard to believe that anyone with a working set of ears would not be completely transfixed by this intense and committed performance – my meatballs would have certainly remained untouched until the last note had faded away. Thankfully, the background noise does not interfere with the listeners enjoyment. I first heard this record 20 years ago and even though I spent several of those years without a copy, the indelible impression left by this blend of South African folk melodies and modern jazz sensibility bound together with a constant muscular, supple rhythmic pulse and an almost tangible spiritual sincerity, has kept it as one of my most beloved of all albums. A „must buy“ for any Dollar Brand fan, along with „Good News From Africa“, the excellent album of duets with bass player (and fellow South African) Johnny Dyani.“ – D.G.R.


Seven ECM albums from the early years, mastered from original analog sources, issued simultaneously in three formats – as 180 gram vinyl albums, as CDs and as high-resolution download files (24 bit/96 kHz), works for orchestra and improvisers, guitar duo, solo piano, and jazz quartet. Out today. One of them is AFRICAN PIANO by Abdullah Ibrahim formerly known as Dollar Brand.  



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  1. Henning:

    This is a real real thing. And another is Sam RIvers‘ CONTRASTS, gosh, finally reissued! For Johnny Dyani check the SteepleChase catalogue! There’s no way back to that time only a way forward to that time.

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    I do not know that one, Henning, ARBOUR ZENA is manificient (side 1), and boring (side 2). I have pale memories conecerning Gary Burton with strings, i haven’t heard this one for an eternity, curious about the new encounter …

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