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2014 7 Jan

Stories We Tell

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„Sarah Polley’s lovely Stories We Tell takes on the difficult task of chronicling the truth. In this case, Polley wanted to solve a mystery within her family left behind by her mother, who passed away when she was a child. In order to solve the puzzle she recruited her family and some of her mother’s closest friends who help her realize that there is no such thing as one absolute truth. Shot and edited like a psychological thriller, Stories We Tell offered more twists and turns than any fiction film in 2013. As Polley discovers facts that would seem to be important only to her, we come to terms with the fact that we might be sitting on similar stories all around us. Her dissection of the truth made for the one film this year that broke our hearts and stimulated our intellects effortlessly and for that alone, it remains completely unforgettable.“ Jose Solis (popmatters) 

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