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2013 21 Dez

“Rabalderstræde Forever”

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Twenty years ago I stumbled across a compilation CD from CBS/Columbia. All the usual hits and suspects were gathered on that CD …, but one track I was unfamiliar with: „Hva´ gør vi nu, lille du“ from a group called GASOLIN. Further inspection of the booklet of this Columbia compilation showed that it had been pressed in Danmark. At that time I´ve been in contact with a small Danish record label – so I contacted them, asking about GASOLIN.

About a week later a compilation CD of their work, „Rabalderstræde Forever“ arrived via snail mail. Of course, I couldn´t understand a single word of the lyrics (and still not be able to) …, but the music was quite appealing – mostly produced by Roy Thomas Baker who also sat in the chair for some QUEEN records ! (So you get the picture what to expect in GASOLIN’s 1972 to 1978 output!).

Fast forward to 2013: Some month ago, purely by accident the „Rabalderstræde Forever“ album fell into my hands again while searching my CDs for an other album I wanted to hear. Of course, *now* we have the Internet …, and looking up Wikipedia filled me in on the missing parts of the bands history. I mentioned GASOLIN to a good friend of mine who now lives and works in Portugal and he somehow managed to get hold of their „Black Box“ for me. As the name says: all their records are gathered here and there´s a lot to explore when the hunger for 70´s rock takes me.

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