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2013 17 Dez

RECORDINGS 1 – The real unreal real

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Recordings are strange things. Documentation of a bygone moment that becomes a reality of its own. An artefact, filled up, wadded and weighted with tons of listeners’ projections it sometimes even succumbs to. The Aboriginals had their songlines, vocalizations, songs triggering mental maps connected to walking tracks in vast landscapes. The vocalization led them on the track, kept them on track. One was real by way of the other. The other way round thus.

Every recording – with its own kind of tracks – is an act fixing sounds for memory and remembrance but listening is in the best case an act of vicarious (re)creative imagination by the listener. The artefact recording gets de-reified, momentaneous again. Through listening and listeners recordings become objects of desire, of remembrance, of joy and sorrow.

By listening to a recording the very moment can be elongated, soaked by perceptions of new realities, associated with new sounds etc.. And nowadays we are able to dissolve it all again and again by remixing. In the old days you had variation by establishing new styles. Nowadays you have infinite remixing, rebuilding of fluid forms (until the form is thinned and exhausted). Arve Hendriksen has demonstrated the circle in his collected work box Solidification. The evasiveness and infinite reverberation of sound as a consequence of great, striking forms, their ongoing reoccurrence, their return.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    A joy to read this. And another joy, the photos. Young Trane?:)

  2. Michael Engelbrecht:

    P.S.: you shot the photo of Coast Recorders in the late thirties of the last century!???

  3. Ian M:

    Great post

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