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2013 3 Dez

Mondo Taurobolium

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GP: I think the biggest theme is nighttime. I work through the night, and there’s a different feeling in the air: a kind of stillness and clarity that I’m grasping at and trying to relay.

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  1. Henning:

    gut, guuut

  2. Martina:

    Really funny. I myself love it to work at night and sometimes through the night and the feeling to have finished my work at dawn. And yes, you can relay on the quietness.

  3. Henning:


  4. Uwe:

    And „after all this time“ it still amazes me that for instance movies watched at nighttime usually grab you more than you’d watched them during the day.

    Imagine watching any „Alien“ Movie during a bright, warm sunny day or rather late at night with no room lightning at all ….)

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