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Here, For Your Amusement

Colourwise I’m more meadow than hedgerow
though I have wooden clothes pegs and underneath it all
I’m comfortable as a smock. Less wild than a meadow.
I expect you will wonder what this is all about – well it’s wrong,
like giving names to the eggs in the box.

Here is a picture of a horse very proud of itself.
Here is a drawing of a flower, from hundreds of years ago
– you will still find such flowers in the garden! There is something
you will want to understand in these pictures,
so you spend time with them. Perhaps that’s what it’s about.

I would like to be able to make a very nearly complete list,
of everything that matters to me, leaving nothing out.
Is that what it’s like to be afraid to die? Also
to have the most inquisitive eyes and see beauty beauty
beauty pick away at the wallowing mortar.
To know the composure of a closed clam.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Amy Key’s new poems will be published in November. Details later…

  2. Martina:

    Reading poetry is part of my daily routine, and I really like this one.
    German poems of mostly young poets you can read in the

  3. Bob:

    Thanks for this – I’ve just started a poetry course – so this is very serendip – seprend – septipopous … very good timing!

  4. Martina:

    Great. A poetry course, is it about reading or also about writing poetry? I could recommend several books in both directions.

  5. Bob:

    Hi Martina: I’d say it’s really about both (at the Poetry School: in London.. anything you could recommend would be great… vielen Dank.

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