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2013 8 Aug

Paris Love etc

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Lovers in Florence
Walking on the bridge
Locking their love locks
Sealed with a kiss
Throwing the key
Into the Arno
Lovers in Cologne
On the Hohenzollern bridge
Locking their love locks
Forever mine
Throwing the key
Into the Rhine
Porte de la Chapelle
Porte des Lilas
Porte de Bercy
Porte d’Italie
Porte Dauphine
Porte de Clichy
Call my name every night
I am falling down into the light
Falling slow so slow
Into a hole in the time
from the Kornhaus bridge
Into the river
I’ve seen her
In the headlights of the night
Princess of Darkness
Qui est elle?
Passing Porte de la Chapelle
She said love is a ring
A ring around Paris
I don’t know
Will my love grow
Last night I dreamed
That I was small
I was walking from her hand
To her elbow and her shoulder
Till I came to her ear
This is what I told her…

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