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Lecture: Brian Eno (New York, 2013)


The most surprising sentence of the man who was once playing an „anti-jazz ray gun“: „I’m a Glenn Miller fan.“ We know about his love for Miles Davis‘ „In A Silent Way“ and some stuff of early Weather Report, but the King of Swing comes as a surprise! :) A great moment, too, is when Eno is speaking about about Picasso in Paris in 1908 when he was visited by a Russian prince. And then it’s pure fun to listen to Eno speaking about Fellini soundtracks as a great example of delivering a second version of a film story. And, be sure, and I say this with a slight relief looking back at my Parisian „restaurant trip“, another great story is about a brilliant Italian ristorante in London that fairly demonstrates (as analogy) that music can be cooked to death if you are not able to deal with certain amounts of madness and creative chaos.

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