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2013 17 Jul


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In a Spike Milligan story about (if I remember correctly) a short break in Paris, the narrator, describes waking up in his 3rd floor hotel bedroom, opening the doors and stepping out onto the balcony, and then (as he writes) … „I remembered – I didn’t have one!“ Well something similar happened to me today. I excitedly drove to the post office to pick up a package from Kudos Records, from whom I’d ordered the Purity Supreme ep „Always Already“ – Purity Supreme being a collaboration between Leslie Winer and Christophe Van Huffel. I slit it open with an eager finger (that I had to hand (so to speak)) and remembered that wonderful feeling I had years ago whenever I bought a new record – that wonderful, but slightly unfamiliar feeling … unfamiliar because it’s years since I’ve been in the habit of buying records – the reason being: I don’t have a record player! (something I should have remembered when reading Michael’s recent Blog post about his turntable!)

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    At least I have a balcony, a small one, on the fourth floor :)
    Not trained, too, for a long time, to handle records, or even to look out for them! I ask myself: is there a great vinyl store in Paris? By chance I stumbled upon one yesterday, but, bad luck, with hard rock and metal records only …

  2. Bob:

    Years ago, when I went to Paris, I bought the first Orange Juice LP at FNAC (sweet memories!) – hope you can find something good :)

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