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2013 27 Jun

Ganz sicher eines meiner Lieblingsalben 2013

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Marsen Jules Trio: Presence Acousmatique

Und was ist das für ein Genre? Post-Harold-Budd-Electro-Kammer-Ambient-Violinen-Null-Jazz-Wo-Bin-Ich-Musik, so ungefähr! Unsere Freunde von BOOMKAT schreiben zu dieser Arbeit: Marsen Jules presents one of 2013’s finest entries to the neo-classical/ambient canon. Présence Acousmatique was recorded by Juhls (electronics, live-soundscaping) accompanied by friends, Anwar (violin) and Jan-Phillip Alam (piano, violin) in their still young trio, exhibit the calm and confidence of a unit with much more experience recording together. With occasional saxophone assistance from Roger Döring they narrate a six song cycle of sumptuously noirish mood-scaping deeply indebted to Badalamenti in much the same way as Bohren und Der Club of Gore, only Marsen’s feel for electronics defines this as his own with finely assembled layers of electro-acoustically enhanced atmosphere diffused to liminal perceptibility creating at once vast and someone comfortingly close, tactile sensations of space and place colouring a pitch black backdrop with a glowing ambient mid-range where his gently suggestive scenes to unfold.

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Angelo Badalamentis Musikn wird oft und gerne als Bezugspunkt erwähnt, man meint dabei allerdings nahezu immer den Twin Peaks- Soundtrack. BOOMKAT hAt Recht, was die inspirationen von Bohren & Der Club of Gore angeht, hier, beim Marsen Jules Trio, erscheint mir der Vergleich weit hergeholt.

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