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2013 23 Mai

Something went terribly wrong.

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How could it happen? I just forgot that record. Totally. Tutti forgetti. I stumbled upon it when I was very young, in a time when I obsessively read Jules Verne and Arthur Conan Doyle novels and stories. It tought me lessons about darkness and sex. Years later, it tought me other things, this time about darkness and love. No kidding. Short, weird songs, nearly fragmented. Magic all over the place, strange folk, strange guitar, no moment wasted. And now I stumbled upon it again, after a very long time. The music is running in my car. For days now. Puts a big smile on my face. Sends shivers. Still flies, still takes me places, no sentimental journeys. Tyrannosaurus Rex: A Beard Of Stars. Great Horse and Lofty Skies wear their hippie bliss lightly, Wind Cheetah sails close to gothic rock, and the quietly infectious By The Light Of The Magical Moon is enchanting. I could really get into describing every song, but to sum it all up: A Beard of Stars is an electric, gothic, mythological camelot – and you will be drawn into this epic like being swept into another time and place; into a world from Marc’s surreal dreamland consisting of dragons, druids and the great horse under the light of a magical moon. Gregory: a jukebox without Marc Bolan? No way! Well, what will teach A Beard Of Stars me now? At least I will have to tell the whole story soon, with some nasty catholic nuns, the most beautiful girl of Dortmund (at least the southern part of the city), and a train trip to Villingen, Black Forest.

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