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2013 9 Mai

Favorite Females

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This spring | holds a killer her in her claws  | she comes up with the river that climbs the mountainside | if she climbs up the ribs, climbs up the lips | with a swing in her hips. | The spring time, the spring time is here  | it sprung from my … the light in … | so there’s … | my heart is a beak and a mouth that sings | hey what do you see, hey what do you hear | the sound of the sea  | or the sound of your heart heart heart heart heart  | nervous, nervous, nervous instead | The water, the water the waves |  release her, release her from me. | Are you counting yourself  | the spring, spring  | I cover my ears,  | and open my mouth | the depth seeps into my bones  | like it’s floating in salt water | water |  When I slip into the water | covered by the gentle wave,  I follow a trail of secrets  | patterned light passes right through you  | Driftwood town but lips and salt lake a black vegetable soup of hair and teeth  | I run out to you |  I run out to them | I run out of bullets | I run out of you  | I run out of you 


„Mephisto in the Water“, sung and written by Jenny Hval from her nicely titled album Innocence is Kinky. Well, indeed it is – and if Ms. Hval was my favorite female singer, then Ms. Berg would be my favorite female writer. Ask Frau Sibylle!


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