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2013 9 Mai


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here comes another one
faster than the one we saw before

another bus another plane
we’ve done this all a hundred times before

lets stich another one
first one to the ceiling
gets the floor

bright lights block out the sun
no time to sleep or time to turn

‚cause there goes another one
stand on the edge and watch it turn

and if you find you’re feel you’re falling through the floor
just put your hand out in the dark
and fell the bones inside singing out again

a bite of this will take your legs off at the knees
and pull your spine out to a cord
and leave it glowing on the floor inside the rain

all decisions pleasure made
lift our bodies in the air

just to feel another one
fall out of a tube and hit the air

lets all march into the sun
friends we remain for friends we are

walk towards the sleeping sound
vaulted together like we are

and in the morning we’ll turn on t.v.
and watch the news and eat corn flakes as continents divide
it’s fine if we are by our side

and in the evening we’ll turn off t.v.
and watch the stars and crack open a can or two
and it’s all fine if we are by our side.

here comes another one
faster than the one before

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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    This song comes from one of my absolute favourite records of the first twelve years of the 21st century. For me, this album is on par with other great song cycles of these times, as ILLIONOISE or BISH BOSH or ANOTHER DAY ON EARTH or THE DRIFT or CUCKOOLAND or the one with the green cover from The Books (just forgot the title), or BEING DUFAY, or the best Montains Goats cd of this era, or the few others that just don’t spring to mind. You will find out! I love every song of that album, „Cans“ is the awesome closer of the record that contains a lot of field recordings and melodies that always go straight under my skin, the singing is passionate and restrained, the songs have an an adventurous spirit and a beating heart! I rememeber doing a phone interview with Mike Lindsay about this album, and, I think he told me that they recorded the songs in dark room in London, a room without windows. And one fantasy they have had was creating exits and escape routes, for example the vision of a California sunrise. Dark, sinister, and bright, elevating elements create an amazing tension on this fantastic album! Ah, the name of the band is Tunng, and the record is called GOOD ARROWS!

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