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On sunday, march 24th, singeractorstoryteller Shelley Hirsch (“the human body is the biggest recorder”) came up with a stream of consciousness telling, unedited rant on Facebook of her walk to Downtown Music Gallery: „Was on my way to Downtown New Music Gallery which is located in Chinatown, to pick up some of Christian Marclays solo cds. Was asked to perform at the New Museums Gala Fundraiser honoring Christian – so I thought why not sing with his record of records? … .“


Some coincidence. I walked my own route days before …




Places, routes, stories: I love this, your rant. I got through (with great pleasure). I walked my own route to Downtown Music Gallery last wednesday. In my own way (coming from Amsterdam where I live) with my own thoughts, memories and stories passing by.

And bought MORE ENCORES – Christian Marclay Plays with the records of Louis Armstrong, Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg, John Cage, Maria Callas … recorded by Tom Cora and Wayne Horvitz a.o. (end of the eighties). On cd.

Walked my own route, in my own way. Starting at 11th str, 4th av. in Brooklyn where I stayed last week. Got out East Broadway station strolling through the (over-)crowded neighbourhood. People move differently here. I also had to get used to higher volume of talk here. Maybe higher speech-volume here is caused by Chinese as a tone-language.

Chuck was at DMG’s basement store at 13th Monroe Street. Electronic music was running sounding like ghosts tinkering the pipes running through the heated (pretty hot) basement room. On the way out the sound shifted. Upstairs at ground level: chimes and percussion came from the chinese store. Visible from the side-walk: a kind of ceremonial music lesson going on there with a group of young ladies using metalophones and gongs.

Strolled back along the water-line to East Broadway stop. Took a rest in the sun and then looked for station-entrance but couldn’t find one. I asked an impressive police-woman standing guard on the street-corner. She laughed, took a step aside and said: here it is! We both laughed and I went underground.




Recordstore Trem Azul in Lisbon is also downstairs but when you enter the store and the CleanFeed office you are on second floor. Check out!


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  1. Michael Engelbrecht:

    Henning, I’m dreaming of teleportation!

    While you were strolling through Manhattan, Joe and I were discussing the piano-bass-drums-setting. What an amount of virtuosic boredom, and exceptions are quite rare. I found one, some days ago, a fantastic trio work, no cliches, no lyrical overkill, a real edge-of-the-seat experience. I immediately contacted the leader of the trio. Our email interview can be read here quite soon. Probably. No, i don’t give away the name. Will keep the suspense high …

  2. Henning:

    Great, thrilling! I fully agree, mountains of virtuosic boredom! And still bigger hoards of vacuous descriptions. It’s time for …

    I’ll come up with the new album of a real neighbourhood band from Brooklyn. DER Hammer!

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