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2013 12 Mrz

„You Lust“ and the effect of repetition

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The Terror hearkens back to the harsh, minimal sounds of early Suicide, Silver Apples, these psychedelic yet repetitious tracks.

Steven Drozd: There’s a song on the new record, „You Lust,“ that’s nine or ten minutes long and it’s got this middle section that — for lack of a better term, I’ll call a solo — which is this simple synth riff that just goes for six or seven minutes with these strange vocals on top of it and we just stacked with a bunch of delays so that the voice was always changing. But the riff underneath it was static and exactly the same. If you edited it down to like two minutes, it just wouldn’t have the same effect it does at seven. There’s a mental effect that you get from repetition over time that you can’t get any other way. (Source: Spin)

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