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„The woman lying down sensually, dreamily, studiously too, on the cover of Slow is the perfect representation of Gintas K’s music: research-basedmusic that can also seduce, music that allows your mind to focus and then wander away, to be attentive to the techniques being used and then drift off in the wake of melodic fragments. Gintas K (born Gintas Kraptavicius) comes from Lithuania’s experimental music scene. He started in 1994 as a core member of the country’s first industrial music group. On Slow, Gintas K focuses on microsounds, on deconstructing delicate sound sources, and on juxtaposing microgranulated textures and melodic elements. Eleven short pieces through which the artist pushes his techniques further while unveiling a seldom-heard melancholic side of his personality.“

Voraussichtl. Playlist der nächsten Klanghorizonte am 11. März (mit Gintas K): 1) In The Country: Steelpants, aus Sunset Sunrise 2) Gintas K: dar, aus Low 3) Stefano Battaglia Trio: Perla, aus Songways 4) Sheriffs of Nothingness: Dysfunctional Folklore with Brian O., aus: A Winter’s Night at the Crooked Forest (really recorded under heavy climatic circumstances!) 5) Brian Eno: Broken Head, aus V.A. – Who’s That Man (a Tribute to Conny Plank) („The name „Conny Plank“ is stamped all over the Krautrock canon. To call Krautrock a „movement“ is, of course absurd, given that many of the groups were unaware of each others‘ existence at the time and in any case moving in very divergent directions. Conny Plank, however, is a strong common factor. He was, in many ways, Krautrock’s midwife. As well as Neu!, early Kraftwerk, Can, Guru Guru and Cluster all benefited from his production work.“) 6) Lloyd Cole – Hans Joachim Roedelius: Tango Largo, aus: Selected Studies, Vol. 1 (yes, that Lloyd Cole who did „Rattlesnakes“ with The Commotions!) 7) Masayoshi Fujita: River, aus Stories 8) Quartetto Prometeo: Andante, aus: Reinventions 9) Iva Bittova: VI, aus/ Fragments

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