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2013 16 Jan

Free Man

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„For twenty long years I had a secret: I could not read music.
But now, thanks to Hooked-on-funk I’m a free man!“

This is my life it’s not for sale | I won’t be a fool in your school of misinformation | Not a puppet for your world domination | I have a soul, and a mind as well | Don’t think that you can tell me Lies | I realize the truth | Green green no, I’m not a machine | I’m a human being | Not a robot mechanized, computerized, paralyzed, hypnotized | I realize it’s time to stop | I am the water rushing hear the sound like a sunshower | All the colors of the rainbow | Flowing down from the mountain, from the mountain | I’m a free man with a free mind | I have a dream | I am young, but my soul is on the run | If you look you will see | There is something for you and me …


„Free Man“ 1995 ©1995 Screaming Headless Torsos 

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