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2012 31 Dez

Gilded: Terrane

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Hidden Shoal Recordings is proud to announce the official release of Terrane, the debut album by Australian experimental/ambient duo Gilded. The album is now available for purchase on CD and digitally.

Gilded brings together the similar but distinct musical directions of West Australian experimental musicians Matt Rösner and Adam Trainer, forging an approach to composition and sound creation that is based as much around rhythm and repetition as it is around drone and abstraction.

“There are worlds in here, in this record. Microscopic examinations of simple figures and patterns, that could fill whole sides; a focus and determination that wraps everything up in 45 minutes. Beautiful, simple, deep.” – Fluid Radio on Terrane

“Terrane is a work of adeptly inspired craftsmanship that’s very nearly breathtaking in its evolving forms, ambient without being soporific, containing an evocative and far from melancholic energy at its core …” – DOA on Terrane


Album Teaser

Pictorial Review

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