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2012 31 Dez

Eine Besprechung

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  1. Who Gives a Thought

Who gives a thought about the fireflies

Short lives of moving light

Perform their quiet flight

The stars of starless nights


Who gives a thought about the nematodes

There isn’t time these days 

For microscopic worms

or for unstudied germs

Of no commercial worth


Who gives a thought about the labourers

The ones who dig and hoe

who weld and reap and sow

who braid and cut and grind

Who split and join and windWho reach and teach and hack

And bring the children back

To serve the self-made man























  1. We Let It In

(Deep, sun, sun)


This soul of it is running gay

With open arms through golden fields

(Deep, sun, sun)


And even though the corn is high

And sometimes harsh against the heels


We open to the blinding sky

And let it in

And let it in

(Deep, sun, sun)


With open hearts through burning fields

This soul of it in gorgeous flame

The whole of it in gorgeous flame

(Deep, sun, sun)


We let it in

We let it in

We let it in

We let it in

We let it in

We let it in

We let it in

We let it in
















  1. Icarus or Blériot

All this world

All this time

Here above the galaxy

Who are we?


Try to fly

Brave the sun

Icarus or Blériot

Who are we?


Now so high

In a cloud

Far above the battlements

Who were we?

Who were we?




























  1. Garden of Stars













  1. Inclusion











































  1. There Were Bells


There were birds above

They sang it the whole day through

And the sky revolved a pink to golden blue

All the roads through time

Weave the world’s long rhyme

Let it all unravel in a sea of pearls and swine


There were bells above

That rang the whole day through

And the sky was shot with light and hazy blue

Early days of winter sun

All the days turned into one

All the sirens beckoning the crew


There were horns as loud as war that tore apart the sky

There were storms and floods of blood a human high

Never mind my love, let’s wait for the dove

Fly back to tell us there’s a haven showing night

There were those who ran away,

There were those who had to stay

In the end, they all went the same way






















  1. Sherry


On a long

Long ride to Bonn

Last light from an old sun


Soon the moon will rise again

Here, now

It’s all horizons


Hard to steer

These new stars

No clear lines to guide us


Always there

For the last hooray

Last light of an old sun




























  1. I’m Hardly Me



I would say this is all that there is in play

Now it is in this bitter day

In the wide and the driving snow


I may say

I may have to say

This is new and it’s not the same

Nothing can ever be the same

































  1. These Small Noises

These small noises

All we died for

These small faces

All we saw


Take us

Take us

We are over

Make us

Make us

Into land


Land of soil

We owe our fathers

Olive tree line

Now no more


Go to Earth

Our hair on fire

Go to Hell

In Hell to burn






















  1. Making Gardens Out of Silence


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